Hello! Thank you for visiting Take It Away.

Recently, fans of the podcast have asked how to donate money to fund our program. When we started out, we intended to be ad free. We want to stay that way as long as possible. We do this for the joy of the music. As the podcast grows, so does our overhead, which now runs about $2K a year.

If you find yourself with the means, and the goodwill, please feel free to donate via Patreon or PayPal.

OK, enough business. Back to the music! Take it away ….

Donors As Of 1/28/19:
Aaron Eischens
Abbie Coventry-Walsh
Alexander Dums
Alex Crabb
Alon Shmuel
Andrew Soos
Angelica B.
Barry Shepherd
Brian Dackowski
Bruce Moses
Carl Gatto
Chris Mercer
Cliff Jefferson
Dan Rebellato
Darren Fry
Emmanuel Prelle
Gary Alan See
George Ryan
Gerben Wassink
Greens Sports Bar
Iain Lee
James Keating
Jay Troop
J Chris Rennie
Jeannine Everett
Joe Kaftan
Joe Magennis
Jonathan Sterlace
Ken Cowley
Kevin Drinan
Kurt Duerksen
Laura Amlie
Lee Beddow
Liam Newton
Lynda Olsen
Mads Hald Andersen
Marnix Wesselink
Matthew German
Michael Britsch
Michael Dillon
Michael Platt
Michael Shawcross
Neil Ferguson
Nicolas Geiger
Paul B. Kilgore
Paul Rivard
Paul Staveley
Rob Blackhurst
Ryan Brady
Ryan Luchuck
Salim Hasan
Stephen Jerkins
Steve Mattson
Steven Cockcroft
Terry Crocker
Tony Cox
Warren Butson

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