Episode 19 – Flowers in the Dirt

In 1989, after several years of creative struggle, Paul McCartney released Flowers in the Dirt, a critical and commercial success. From the Beatlesesque pop of “My Brave Face” to the golden-era Hollywood glamour of “Distractions,” or the paternal whimsy of “Put It There,” Paul is in strong writing and performing form. Also, enter Elvis Costello, his acerbic wit balancing and enhancing McCartney’s creative yet cloying compositions from the 1980s. Was Elvis Paul’s finest collaborator since John Lennon? Is this Paul’s best album of the 1980s? Is there more buried beneath the flowers in the dirt? You’ll find out all this and more in this swan … this one.

Download MP3 audio (270.9 MB, 02:27:40)

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